Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

Places we visited:
- Japanese Garden
- Tropicale De Colmar

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Saturday Daniel & I went to Commonwealth area in search of community cats. In Malaysia we refer them as 'stray cats'.. well, community cats is more or less being take care of by the public. Actually the most popular place to find such cats are at Tampines area. But looking at where we are staying now, it's likely impossible for us to travel to that place. What if we went to the wrong area?

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this blog & got to know that Commonwealth Close has them. Without further ado, we went there the next day.

On the map, it seems that the area is small. Boy, were we mistaken.. the area is pretty huge for walking people.. We searched high and low, and the further we walk in the more we get worried. In the end we walked into the HDB compound, trying our luck to see any felines basking around. Being the most observant of us two, I finally found one resting on a chair. We have prepared cat food and has successfully not only drew the feline's attention, but further more there are 4 of them coming our way! Of course there are a few that were so shy and some of them even fought ala catfight..

Nevertheless their cute antics has definitely brighten my day and when I went to sleep they appear in my dreams again =^.^=

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Latest Purchase: Jay Chou's "跨時代"

Those who has heard of Jay Chou should know the style which Jay uses in his songs. They could be fresh, they could be crappy.. which, I say unfortunately his styles has gone to the crappy side gradually. However this new album has shone a new light to my ears..

On air on radio, I hear no crappy sound mixing stuff, no more noisy mixes but down-to-earth music, singing style & peasantly lyrics. It is such a surprise to me, that I went to purchase the CD regardless Daniel warned me about 'save more money for our honeymoon pls?' nagging.. lol

Well I like this album.. Just take a preview at Amazon and you would find it a mild surprise :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Portrait 美图 1 - Orchard Road, Singapore

Just compiled these. Taken at Orchard Road, Singapore. Thanks to my dear Siunennen for being so helpful in this mission :)

People, these are just for sharing. If you wish to know my friend, sorry but I can't help you. Hope U understand...

Till next time, CH

I Am Back

Hello all! Finally back to my own blog~ sorry guys (n gals) am tied up with too many activities in my past months, especially when I need to get a lot of things ready for my big day! Can't wait for it actually hehe... but time will let it happen and of course, it would be Perfect if it happened beautifully :)

All this while I have been busy at work, play and other stuffs that kept me occupied. I have even taken a short break from photography. With working on Saturdays (thankfully it's half day) days to take photos again are limited. However I am about to share some of my favs... In which, you have to stay tuned! ^_^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miao Miao

Originally uploaded by Chen.Hui

1st group outing to shoot cats

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our visit to Singapore Zoo (28th June 2009)

Ok... it's a long long time since I update my blog.. Dang busy lar.. what with service system down and with customers' call piling up, me really can't motivate myself to express in my blog again. In summary, dang super busy!

Anyway, last Saturday me n hubby planned to go to this place: Singapore Zoo. Hmm I think since I standard 6, long time no pay a visit to this infamous zoo. Quite a few friends say worth to go, cos the animals are not underfed and sleepy at the max. Ok, well I guess we can give it a shot since hubby also wanna take pic there.. minus the tripod.

We went there by cab from our CCK area. Fare is still ok, but the entrance fee? Ermm.. approx. RM40 (convert to SG by yourselves, k?) I'm tellin' ya, once crossed the ticket gates it's like... a jungle with an entrance.. And, it's true.. the animals are not so sleepy and they are not skinny.. Anyhow hubby got some cool shots over here (with luck):
(Cotton Top Tail Tamarin)
(The Ever Hungry Otters) (Beautiful Cheetah)
(The Meowing Leopard/ Jaguar [not sure])
(Photogenic White Parrot)
(The Bloke Killer - Omar The White Tiger)

My verdict? Worth it - not a bad experience, however the Zoo map can be quite confusing. Definitely a challenge to road blinders ;o)